Thursday, April 18, 2013

Breaking Down Metamoris 2: Bill Cooper vs. Ryan Hall

Ralek Gracie has set the date to place some of the best BJJ Practioners/Mixed Martial Artists in some highly anticipated submission only match-ups, at Metamoris 2. The date is set for June 9th, this time in Los Angeles. As many of you readers know, I am a huge fan of Submission Only Rules... I feel that these types of events are going to move the mindset from "Go for points" to "Go for the kill" (as it very well should).

Right now, six matches have been named, and over the next six days, I am going to be doing a breakdown of all six of the fights. First up, is one that I am REALLY looking forward to, Ryan Hall vs. Bill "The Grill" Cooper.



Height: 5'10

Weight: 150 (last recorded)

Notable Accolades: Bronze Medalist at 2009 Abu Dhabi/ADCC

Best Known For: Innovation of the 50/50 Guard, Triangle Chokes, Darces/Arm Triangles, and RNCing Douche Bags in Restaurants. 

Bill "The Grill" Cooper


Height: 5'11

Weight: 155lbs

Notable Accolades: Multiple Grappler's Quest Championships. Gold Medal at 2008 Pan Ams (Brown Belt Division). Pro MMA win in Strikeforce. Received BJJ Black Belt at 19.

Best Known For: Innovative/Unorthodox Submissions and Transitions, Freakishly Strong Grips, solid all around game (Ability to smash on top or sweep/submit on bottom)


Anything can happen in a Submission Only Grappling Match, but I think that if Ryan Hall were to win, its going to be a submission from off his back... if Bill Cooper is to win, it'll be via submission from the top. is all about the SUBMISSION mindset... we also like ZOMBIES... Buy our new shirt for under $20!
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